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Get Involved!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers many fun competitive programs just for juniors aged 9-18, and the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club (MBTC) welcomes your participation!

  • AKC Junior Events

    • AKC Junior Showmanship

    • Canine Good Citizen® & STAR Puppy Programs

    • Agility

    • Rally

    • Tracking

    • Farm Dog Certification

    • AKC Trick Dog Program

Learn more!

Download the AKC Guide to Juniors Events


Scholarships for Juniors!

The MBTC offers scholarships for Juniors interested in learning to handle Boston Terriers in the show ring. 

Why is it important to preserve the Boston Terrier purebred breed standard?​
  • The Boston Terrier is a unique American breed, now popular all over the world.
  • Careful breeding will ensure the preservation of the breed standard and good health for generations to come.
The importance of preservation breeders
  • AKC recognized breeders carefully select dogs that represent the breed standard and good temperament.

  • Good breeders have the parent dogs carefully tested for key health issues to ensure healthy puppies. They test for juvenile cataracts, luxating patellas (loose knee caps), and other potential problems.

  • Good breeders carefully screen potential homes to get the best match for their puppies, and will take them back if the match doesn’t work out well.

A junior handler at the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club Specialty Show, 2019

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