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The purpose of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club Rescue is to find permanent placements for Boston Terriers in need of homes.

Want to help?

Please consider being a foster or permanent home for our rescued dogs, or make a donation!

Need to rehome your Boston Terrier?

  We’ll be happy to help you find a good home for your dog.

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There are no dogs available for adoption at this time.  Please check back!

The Minnesota Boston Terrier Club is in need of fosters and adoptive families! If you are interested in fostering or adopting a Boston Terrier rescue, please fill out our foster/adoption application form. Thank you!



Speck is a sweet-natured, 10-year-old easy care special needs Boston. In spite of age-related health issues including some sight and hearing impairment and dermatitis, he is affectionate and super playful. He is neutered and gets along well with his foster family’s female Boston. He is guaranteed to steal your heart with a wag of his little tail!


See Speck’s full profile on Petfinder



“Toby came to MBTC an emaciated wreck. His first foster family was able to get him on the path to good health and stability. He got medical care, good nutrition, walks, and tons of love. Toby came to me when his first foster family had to move to an apartment. I knew he was meant to stay with me."

"Toby LeRoi went everywhere I went. He loved pontoon rides, running in the country, doing tricks for snacks, and snuggling. He loved everyone and had tons of friends. He passed away quickly in the fall of 2021, but will always be in our hearts. Thank you MBTC.” 


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"Archie and Winnie are doing great – happy, healthy, and sassy. Winnie is a little bossy, especially when she wants supper and she will ‘scold’ you with a goofy little howl-y bark. Archie can be a bit of a handful with his anxiety and dislike of other dogs."

“A professional dog trainer worked with him and he is a work in progress that will take a lot of time and patience, but we’ll get him turned around. He is a love bug and is the SWEETEST dog ever! Seriously! So tough to resist his goofy natured disposition."

"I’ve heard 100 times 'I could never do that, I could never give them up,’ but being a member of this club - knowing how much thought, care, love, and attention goes into placing these dogs – makes it so much easier."


"Plus, foster ‘parents’ are able to assist in the process of adoption. To witness the faces of a family when they get a dog that you have helped to place is absolutely priceless. It isn’t easy, but it is incredibly gratifying."  

Foster Homes

Pets provide many benefits to their owners, and studies suggest they may help their humans live longer, healthier lives.

Not ready for a pet?

How about the next best thing?

The Rescue committee of the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club (MBTC) is offering qualified applicants an opportunity to become a foster home for a rescued Boston Terrier.

Foster homes provide much needed love, care and companionship for Bostons needing permanent homes.


Thank you for considering adopting a Boston Terrier from the MBTC Rescue!

Please review our policies to understand our process and expectations. 

•    Rescue Bostons are mostly older dogs, many with medical needs. Puppies are rarely available. Two dogs from the same household are placed together.

•    A fully completed application must be submitted
. We will contact you when a good match is available.

•    All rescues are examined by a veterinarian, shots updated, and the dog evaluated for additional medical needs.

•    The dog is fostered for about one month to evaluate health and temperament while we search for the right “forever home.”

•    Adoption cost: $150-$500 (depending on age and health), plus microchipping.

•    Adopters must sign a “contract for companion quality rescue dog,” stating that the dog being adopted is a purebred rescue dog. 

For more information, please download the Adoption Policies PDF, or contact MBTC Rescue  here


Please see our Petfinder for currently available dogs

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